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Meet some of our chefs

All Chefstro chefs are hand-picked by us, and have rich culinary backgrounds. When you book a Chefstro event, we select the chef whose expertise best matches the menu you have chosen. Meet some of our remarkable culinary artists here:

Kyle K.

Chef Kyle Ketchum's path to culinary excellence has taken him to elite destinations: from Le Cordon Bleu to four-star and four-diamond small luxury boutique hotels, resorts and restaurants — from the Ames Hotel in Boston to the Spiced Pear Restaurant at The Chanler at Cliff Walk in Newport RI.

But it's the journey that he values most. Along the way, he has discovered a passion for learning about food from other cultures and regional cuisines.

Ketchum sees this kind of education as not only a professional reward, but also an opportunity to grow as a human being. He believes that being a great chef means constantly striving to perfect his craft. "Each plate is a work of art that lasts only as long as it takes someone to enjoy it," so Ketchum never stops experimenting and creating. He excels at bringing global influences to dishes that feature fresh vegetables in season. And he is dedicated to "paying it forward" in his work as a chef instructor (Le Cordon Bleu, Bristol Community College) and manager of his own culinary consulting firm.

Make your kitchen one of the stops along the way on Chef Ketchum's remarkable journey, and discover a new world of flavors.

Jeffery B.

Before studying under Mario Batali at his world-renowned restaurant Babbo, Chef Jeffrey Burgess took a home economics class. He was only fourteen years old, but what he learned in that class has stuck with him ever since: the love of cooking and the satisfaction of having people enjoy what he had prepared.

Years later, inspired by his training with Chef Batali, Burgess traveled to Italy and France, where he received a unique education in old-world culinary traditions. During his five years in Europe, he learned the true meaning of eating locally. As Burgess says, "If it grows together, it goes together on a plate." He brought this philosophy home with him to restaurants like Zooma in Providence, RI and Jasper White's Summer Shack in Hingham, MA, where he created menus not only based on what was in season, but also built around ingredients that were available from local fishermen and farmers.

No one dish, or even tradition, represents his identity as a chef. Instead, the heart of his work lies in the process of selecting fresh, local ingredients, and letting them inspire him to create an incredible meal. He has come a long way from that home economics class, but his passion remains undiminished, and he looks forward to working his magic in your kitchen!

Alison S.

Originally an attorney from London, England, Alison left the world of corporate law to pursue her passion for food. Having spent every spare weekend cooking for friends and family, Ali moved to Boston, MA to attend the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, where she graduated as class valedictorian.

Since entering the culinary world, Ali has worked as a private chef, catering a range of events including intimate dinners and canape parties for 50 people. She has also experienced the demands of the professional kitchen at EVOO Restaurant in Boston and has recently worked as a menu designer for recipe box delivery company, Hello Fresh.

Classically trained, but with an emphasis on modern flavor combinations and seasonal produce, Ali creates fresh tasting, beautifully presented food. She is excited to be the next Chefstro chef in your kitchen!

All our chefs have unique stories.

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