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How it works

Host a 5-star experience in 3 simple steps


Select a menu

Getting some friends together for a casual night in? Planning a birthday party? Whatever your occasion, Chefstro offers extraordinary menus to make it unforgettable. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us and we'll tailor an experience just for you.


We'll find you a chef

Once you have booked a menu, Chefstro will match you with the right chef for your event. We won't ask you to pay until we've introduced you to the professional chef we have selected. Read about your chef, confirm payment, and look forward to a 5-star event with your guests.


Host like a pro

Your chef will let you know when he or she will arrive and verify the items they need to bring with them. On the day of the event, your chef will arrive with the ingredients from Whole Foods, prepare delicious food in your kitchen, and take care of cleanup — all while you spend time with your guests instead of stressing out in the kitchen.

Additional Information

Who are Chefstro chefs?
We carefully recruit our chefs, who work at top restaurants in your city and have graduated from world-class culinary schools. Some are already well-established in the food industry, and others are tomorrow's culinary stars. Meet some of our chefs here.

Can I pick my own chef?
If you would like to request a Chefstro chef you have used in the past, let us know when you book the menu. Otherwise, we recommend that you allow us to choose the chef whose experience and style best suit the menu you have booked. All our chefs are talented culinary artists hand-picked by Chefstro.

How far in advance should I book my event?
Chefstro can have an elite chef in your kitchen within 3 days.

What about special diets and allergies?
Our chefs can modify most of our menus for common allergies and vegan, vegetarian, and other diets. Chefstro will send invitations to your guests asking for their dietary preferences.

How does payment work?
Our secure booking system accepts all major credit cards. Once we have found a chef for your event, we'll ask you to pay.

Do I need to buy ingredients?
No. Your chef will pick up all the necessary ingredients for the meal you have selected. He or she may contact you to make sure you will have staples (like flour or sugar) and any special equipment the menu requires. Your chef will bring whatever is needed.

Where do the ingredients come from?
Our chefs know that quality is important to you. They buy ingredients only from our approved supplier, Whole Foods.

Who does the cleanup?
Your Chefstro personal chef will take care of everything excepting dessert plates, leaving your kitchen as clean as he found it.

What if I need to cancel?
Up to 48 hours before the event, we'll give you a full refund. After that, we will refund 50% of the total bill.

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